Brown Card

Caring for Your Card

Your Brown Card is important, here are a few helpful tips to care for your card.

It is important to carry your Brown Card securely on your person, just as you would a credit or bank card. Keep your card clean and safe. Carry it in a cardholder or wallet divider (available in the Brown Bookstore). Be sure to remove your ID card from vending machines at the end of each transaction. You can make your Brown Card last longer by following the guidelines below.

  • Avoid bending your card or scratching the card's magnetic stripe.
  • Do not let your Brown Card's magnetic stripe make direct contact with the magnetic stripes of similar cards, retail security de-sensors, or anything else such as cell phone and laptop batteries, etc.
  • Do not leave the card in direct sunlight.
  • Keep the card away from extreme heat to avoid damage.
  • Do not punch holes, add stickers, or otherwise alter your Brown Card.