Brown Card

Bear Bucks Guests

The Bear Bucks Guest Card can be used to make purchases at any Brown University location that accepts Bear Bucks as a form of payment.

University Visitors and Guests

This card is available to university visitors and guests who do not have a Brown ID Card. 

A Bear Bucks Guest card may be purchased for $1.00 from any of the Bear Bucks kiosks conveniently located around campus.  Value can be added to the Bear Bucks Guest card after purchase by inserting the Guest card into the Bear Bucks kiosk and depositing funds onto the card.

Brown Guest Card

Residential Summer Program Attendees (Pre-College, Sports Camps, etc.)

Residential summer program attendees receive a Brown Card upon their arrival at the University.  This card is not eligible for the Bear Bucks program.  These attendees must purchase a guest card, as described above, to utilize the Bear Bucks program.