Brown Card

About the Sponsored ID

Brown departments may request a Sponsored ID to provide a specialized Brown Card and electronic services to individuals (known as affiliates) who are not regular students, faculty, or staff at Brown. Requestors should only ask for the services that are necessary for the affiliate based on their relationship with Brown. Services requiring approval involve additional processing time.

A Sponsored ID request may include access to the following services:

Services not requiring approval:

  • Brown Card
  • Network Access (Wireless, VPN, Electronic Services, Printing, Shared Drives, etc.)
  • Library Building Access
  • Library e-Resources (access to online journals and databases)

Services requiring approval:

  • Google Apps account with a email address
  • Software Downloads

Services not associated with the Sponsored ID:

The Sponsored ID does not include access to the following:

  • Brown University buildings (except libraries)
  • Shared file folders, servers, printers, etc.
  • Library Circulation (not available to Sponsored IDs at this time)

Contact your department head and/or departmental computing representative to ensure your affiliate is granted the necessary access.